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Dancers Over 40 stands with all our sister and brother organizations against racism and violence. We strive for diversity, encourage education and make every effort to prepare the next generation for what is to come. How to proceed, however, has now taken on new dimensions. The COVID-19 pandemic casualties continue to climb as tensions rise in the streets. As dancers who are over 40, we have seen events like these before, but never together, and never through the lens of such a huge stream of media outlets vying for our attention. There is no doubt we want the best for our country, our children, our extended families. We must strive to do the best we can for our communities to share our common goals, help each other and try to make a better world. How we acknowledge our fears and mistakes lay the groundwork for us to heal our society. We close with this quote from President John F. Kennedy, “Those who made peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

Now More Than Ever

From the DO40 CARES 2015 Dance Concert, Come Back Once More So I Can Say Goodbye. Photo by Jeff Eason, WilsonModels, Inc.